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بیرون ملک سے طلاق کا طریقہ کار

بیرون ملک سے طلاق کا طریقہ کار

What is the procedure,if a husband wants to get separation from his wife but he is living abroad?
This procedure has been prescribed in a recent Judgement by Lahore High Court Lahore.

1.Husband will send a power of attorney to his lawyer.

2. Power of attorney should be attested from the Pakistani embassy or consulate of the country where he is residing.

3. Where a lawyer receives the power of attorney, he will proceed according to law.

4. Proceedings of overseas divorce in Pakistan are conducted in Arbitration council.

5. Minimum 90 days proceedings will be
conducted by lawyer in arbitration council.

6. After the proceedings of overseas divorce in
Pakistan, a divorce certificate will be issued by
NADRA through arbitration council and this certificate is considered as sole and only proof of divorce.

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