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Minority Context

In Pakistan 49.4 percentage of the population lived in multidimensional poverty (the Poverty Index headcount’) while an additional 11 present were vulnerable to multiple deprivations. The intensity of deprivation is that, the average percentage of deprivation experienced by people living in Multi-dimensional poverty – in Pakistan was 53.4 percentages. This implies that individuals living above the income poverty line may still suffer deprivations in education, health and other living conditions.  Empowerment is a complex, multi-dimensional, unsolidified and emerging concept within feminism and development literature where decision making process mostly exercised by men in the society. Particularly women and adolescent are discouraged to contribute their role being individual. Empowerment is believed to be the road for women’s and adolescent own equality, rights and fulfillment, while the instrumental view regards empowerment as the means to a better family, economy, society and nation. The emerging need in terms of the low socio-economic factor indicates on the chances available. Women have lack of access to information, resources and opportunities.