Legal Researchers


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Our Proficiency

Organization Development
We reconnoiter in the field of institutional development, project management, operational, human resource and financial aspect through assessment, evaluation and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge, effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance.

We are specialized in providing services regarding the governance of the organization/s that include development and review of organizational policies, provide technical advice on legal structures and governance issues.

Monitoring & Evaluation
We have a team of experienced specialists with extensive experience of monitoring and evaluation in national, international NGOs and UN agencies. We specialize in conducting impact assessments of larger programs with a nationwide outreach. We are adept in developing monitoring and evaluation framework tailored to contextualized needs.

Training and Development
LR is highly proficient in delivering capacity building trainings at diverse levels of responsibility within medium to larger enterprises including government departments. LR covers all aspects of training and development, from carrying out training needs assessment to designing customized training material, module development, training delivery to post training assessments.
Ensuring all of clientshas the right tools, knowledge and capability to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction that maintains our advantage in the market.

Research studies & Assessments
Legal researcher’s staffs are internationally renowned in areas of expertise spanning the sciences, with technology, Legal studies, the social sciences, arts and humanities. Our high-quality research with trans-disciplinary impact and global reach including specific details about our research themes, groups, staff and facilities.

Legal Services
LR offering a wide range of legal services and working with a broad assortment of public and private sector cases and dealt with civil, corporate and constitutional matters at all jurisdiction level.Their services include legal advice on civil services laws, environmental laws, legislative drafting, loan documentation, water use agreements, joint bidding agreements, power and energy sector expertise, intellectual property law advice, criminal law advice and litigation, taxation, registration of companies and firms, registration of trademark, Family laws etc.