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  • Supporting Common Man, Families, Organizations/Firms/Companies and Overseas Pakistanis to have meaningful access for Legal Affairs in minimum expenses.
  • Establishing bridge between society and Legal institutions for facilitation.
  • Awareness among the society on Legal procedures.
  • Provision of Legal advice and assistance by notable legal experts.
  • Eliminating the hectic job of finding appropriate lawyer and repeated visits
    to courts.

Do not pay costly fee
for Legal services &

Save your
Time & Money

Receive assistance in
Legal advice through a
very low cost

Resolve matters through
Dispute resolution

Benefits of Legal protection

  • Advice & Assistance in Matters related to Identity Documents as CNIC, Passport and Certifications.
  • Client Gets Services for Tax Enrollment, NTN, Tax Filer, Property Tax, Vehicle Tax, Property Ownership etc.
  • Provides Legal assistance in Traffic and Police matters for Driving License, Traffic Challan, Transfer of Vehicle Ownership, Application to police, FIR and others.
  • Clients avail preparation of Agreements, Contracts and Deeds for Rent, Partnership, Affidavit, Oath, Will and others.
  • Dispute Resolution: Family disputes, Divorce, Rental disputes, Agreement disputes.
  • Get assistance in Travel / Immigration Matters, Legal aspects and others.
  • The Legally Insured Individual / Family / Company / Firm will be charged 60% on Civil, Criminal and other matters which requires Court Representation.


Lack of understanding makes Legal System Complex.
For lay man Legal matters are time consuming by paying highly expensive fees to proceed court cases

Why Legal Protection

  • It save your Time & Money
  • Easy Access to Legal Services
  • Reduce frequent visits to courts
  • Effortless approach to Lawyers any time at very low cost for provision of Legal advice & Documentation.



Legal Protection card issued in KPK province