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Civil Society Association of Pakistan is a non-political, non-profit, Humane Social organization, which recognizes intercultural and interpersonal interaction as the fundamental basis for voluntary work. Our Association is an emerging arena for social and political change in Pakistan. We are follows Humanistic Philosophy that recognizes and respects the values and rights of each individual, group or culture as a starting point for any kind of human interaction. We are defining social change as a process that causes a transformation in the social, political and economic relations of power in a society. We are creating a platform of National/International Organisations. CSAP is a central association of social activity and we are creating a chain of relationship for National/International Organisations. All the National & International Organisations including NGOsCBOs, and Civil Societiesbars associationsteachers associationsInstitutionsTrusts and Media can engage, stand, and work with each other.

Islamabad Office:

Office No.22, 3rd floor, Al Rehmat upto Tehzeeb bakers, G-11 Markaz Islamabad.
Tel:+92 300-5583832

Civil Society Association of Pakistan wants create welfare state and civilized Pakistan.

We are establish, run and support research institutions, laboratories, Media training center, NGO resource centre, technical training centers and Democracy institute, grant stipends, scholarships for training abroad, and to do all such other things as may be calculated to benefit the Association. To promote arts and science and advancement of knowledge on literature, medicine, engineering, environment, community centre, agriculture and other areas which will promote the well-being of human beings and / or preservation of flora and fauna on a sustainable basis and give literary and science awards and prizes in furtherance of these objectives.