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Christian Legal Rights

How your church benefits

  • Members of your congregation will be blessed by quality free or low cost legal help when they need it.
  • Because referrals can only come through a church leader, the trust generated via our legal referral system creates loyalty to your church.
  • As people that you refer to Christian Legal are blessed through the work of our lawyers, members of your congregation may wish to make an ongoing donation to support your church. 

How does your church join Christian Legal?

Easy! There is an automatic monthly payment system via direct debit. We do not tie you in to any long contracts – you can leave any time! – Although we appreciate the support for the work we do…

Once registered we will accept Christian Legal Rights client referrals that you make to us via email or Whatsapp. If you wish to register simply contact us via the contact page and we will call you to answer any questions and set up a DD.

PKR1050 per month only just covers our costs  – and that depends on how many church supporters like yours are willing to use the service. Please pledge your support…

Christian Legal Right is a non – denominational Christian legal service. We provide the closest thing to legal services (Christian Legal Rights) available to those who struggle to get access to quality legal help. Membership and access to our legal services is open to all who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God and Saviour of the World.

We affirm that God is a ‘ God of Justice’ (Isa 30:18). All can access the Lord’s justice and mercy and our mission is to reflect this principle by advocating Christian principles in mainstream law and by giving those in need, access to legal advice and representation at little or no cost.

Legal Representation

Our Lawyers are regulated by the Bar Council and will give Christian Legal Rights Services clients excellent legal advice and representation in matters such as:

Initial legal advice to clients is always free of charge and litigation or an application (for example a fresh claim to the Home Office or an application to an Employment tribunal) is undertaken from as little as monthly insurance fixed fee. This represents savings of thousands of rupees for those who struggle to meet the cost of legal fees. Where the matter can be dealt with free of charge through legal right we will refer the client to a legal aid specialist when appropriate.

Christian Legal Rights

In order to get free or low cost legal representation by Christian Legal you must get a referral from your Pastor or Church Leader. Please contact your Pastor or Church Leader and ask them to make the referral on your behalf. We charge a monthly administration fee of PKR 1050 per month to Churches and organisations who wish to refer members to our Legal Services. Organisations can register by clicking the link.
Get Legal Insurance

Free or low cost Legal Help - Christian Legal Rights

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get legal advice and representation without paying a fortune to High Street lawyers. Qualifying for government legal aid is unlikely for many people.

If you are part of a Church Community who are supporters of Christian Legal you can get help. If your Pastor refers you to our organisation, you can access help from skilled lawyers in some of the following areas:

You can call us on +92-333-5045872 or leave an instant message on our contacts page if you want to ask if your church is a Christian Legal supporter. Don’t worry if your Church is not yet a Christian Legal Rights because this is a new service and your leaders may simply be unaware. Please simply refer them to this site to register. In the meantime leave a message on our contacts page so we can make sure you get the help you need.

Don’t suffer in silence! – Contacts us now   




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