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2019 PLC Note 13 Page 14
2019 MLD 112
If father dies then only mother is entitled for pension and if
9: اگر باپ فوت ہوجاے توپینشن کا حق بیوہ کا ہوتا ہے مگر اگرماں بھی فوت ہوجاے تو پینشن نابالغان کے درمیان برارب تقسیم ہوگی بیٹا صرف جب تک نابالغ ہوتا ہے تب تک پینشن کا حقدار ہوتا ہے
بیٹی کی جب تک شادی نہیں ہوتی تب تک باپ کی پینشن کی حقدار ہوتی ہے جبکہ طلاق یافتہ یا بیوہ بیٹی بھی پینش کی حقدار ہوتی ہے
Pension would be distributed equally amongst surviving unmarried daughters /widow daughters / divorced daughters till marriage /remarriage.
▪2015 PLC (CS) 1255 Peshawar High Court
☆ Judgment apply on Khalida bibi case
Term Gratuity Define
Shahda package define
Word family define
Widow entitled for all benefits
▪ 2013 CLC 370 Karachi High Court
One widow withdrawal amount which after that divided among legal heirs.
▪2012 PLC 419
Only widow is entitled for pension.
▪2007 PLD 35 Supreme Court
Immediate action against department,
Pension should be divided as early as possible.
▪ 2006 PLC (CS) 631
Punjab Civil Servants Rule 1963
Widow is entitled for pension and other dues towards department.
▪2005 PLC (CS) 399 Lahore High Court Lahore
Rule 4.10
Two widows entitled for pension
In case of death of one the other one get whole pension.
▪ 2002 PLC (CS) 634 Lahore High Court Lahore
Widow and other family entitled for pension.. family define in this judgement.
Also entitled for gratuity
▪ 1999 MLD 703
Benevolent Fund, Group Insurance and Pension are not heritable.
▪1996 Pcrlj 1127 Karachi High Court
Widow and family is entitled for pension.
▪1994 PLC (CS) 176
Pension-cum- Gratuity Scheme 1954
Widow is entitled for pension, gratuity and group insurance and other benefits divide into legal heirs in case of issueless widow.
▪ 1993 MLD 2171
G.P Fund heritable
Benevolent Fund, Group Insurance and Pension are not heritable.

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