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Spoken English Course



The course is aimed at learners of all ages and professional backgrounds to enhance their competence in all the four domains of English Language, i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing; with a focus on pronunciation in order to prepare them globally. The course will help you build a strong profile with excellent communication skills in the English Language.

This will be achieved through intensive listening and speaking activities.  Increase your awareness about the world through content and language integrated learning. The participants will be enjoying lively, creative and productive classroom sessions powered by technology and engaging learning activities such as concept checking, error correction, feedback and post assessment activities, both oral and written. Enrich your critical and imaginative skills through English language learning, and experience collaborative and interactive learning. Effectively convey meanings and intentions by gaining an understanding of vocabulary and fluency in spoken English. The practical gist of the English course will lead through the role plays and Presentations.


The Basic User course incorporates 3 basic components:
1. General Level        2. Business English          3. Professional English


First Month:
Pre-Test: every individual will be assessed through Pre-Test to know the aptitude and concept level.

Methods of assessment:
Assessment is by coursework (40%), which integrates the following:

  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Oral interactions (including pair work)
  • Written tests and tasks of various length (memoranda, notes)
  • Essays
  • Listening/ viewing
  • Communicating the gist of simple reading passages

A measure of classroom participation, progress and motivation accounts for 20% of the overall assessment. A final exam comprehension, an extract for rendering into English and an oral topic accounts for 40% of the total credit.

Grammar: Meanings, forms and uses of Past, Present and Future Simple Tense.
Vocabulary: Words relating to daily use and in basic their use.
Pronunciation: Improving fluency and pronunciation through a focus on Stressed words and verbs with basic endings.

Second Month
Functions: Meanings, forms and uses of Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses; making conversation, Questions without auxiliaries, interrogative sentences
 Vocabulary: Words relating to conversation and work and their use.
 Pronunciation: Improving fluency and pronunciation through a focus on Word stress in sentences.

Third Month:
Role Plays:  individual and group students will be involved in Role Plays
Vocabulary:  Words relating to different field of work and making and doing and their use
Practical demonstrations:
Assignments: each student and professional will be given assignment related to the taught.
Post Test: at the end of course Post Test will be carried before the certificate distribution.

Participants will get a grasp of the basics of English Language. They will be able to significantly improve their grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Course Time / Days and Fee structure:
Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Time: 11:00 AM- 1: 00 PM
Duration: 3 Months starting from May 1, 2019.


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