Events in July 2019

All past & upcoming events of July 2019

A remarkable step has taken
to promote the Intra-faith & Peace
Building for the subject of Human Rights.

Church Supporters 

Through established Legal network platform with a monthly payment of just PKR 1050/- will enable our lawyers to continue for provide their assistance with professional legal representation. We deliver services for Christian Legal clients in:

• Immigration and Asylum

• Landlord and Tenant

• Employment

• Welfare and Benefits

Initial advice is free and where a legal fee is needed to cover costs it is usually fixed at just PKR 1050 – That is on average  a 60% reduction in fees. For example: PKR 10150 for a fresh immigration or asylum claim and advice is the lowest professional fee in the Pakistan!  Read more…

Sheraz Khan
Advocate High Court

Legal Researchers have organized Legal awareness camp on dated May 21, 2019 at G9 Sector Islamabad, We held quiz competition and distributed gifts and IEC material among youngsters, Person with special needs and old age.

We are the active Member of APRRN & Executive Director Mr. Sheraz Khan is Representative for protection of Refugee Rights from Asia Pakistan.

Asia Advocacy Forum 

In Pakistan 49.4 percentage of the population lived in multidimensional poverty (the Poverty Index headcount’) while an additional 11 present were vulnerable to multiple deprivations. The intensity of deprivation is that, the average percentage of deprivation experienced by people living in Multi-dimensional poverty in Pakistan was 53.4 percentages. This implies that individuals living above the income poverty line may still suffer depri… Read more

Partnership HOPE and LR for support education projects

In Pakistan, school education is suffering due to many reasons. Teachers’ education, curriculum and basic facilities are the pillars of quality education, and in Pakistan all these are criticized on many forums. On the other hand, government of Pakistan is trying to overcome these problems to ensure quality. In this determination, Hope for Global Community with partnership with Legal Researchers is taking initiatives and utilizing international resources. The aim, to strategies for ensure quality education and steps taken by the HOPE for Global Community for supporting quality education to the low cost community of Pakistan… Read more

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Consultancy services

Legal Researchers offers a range of organizational development and project consulting services to
clients in the not-for-profit, corporate, Firms, Institutes and public sectors. These consulting services include:

Lend Hands to Support the
Deprived Individuals.

Sheraz Khan:

  • Member of American Bar Association.
  • Member of APRRN.
  • Member of Access to Justice – State
  • Member of High Court – Pakistan
  • Member of Human Rights Commission

“Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed,
and where individuals and nations are free.”

Project Management:

We guide and assist our clients in project coordination, communication and budget management. We help in defining business and project objectives and the means to deliver. We get involve with our clients from the stage of inception and provide control, governance and transparency till completion of the project. In short we help our clients’ business grow with qualified project management services.

Feasibility Studies:

Preparing Feasibility Study is one of our core functions. Our feasibility studies offer smart, insightful and comprehensive advice to our clients. We have the ability to develop vibrant tools to gather relevant information to create the basis of our feasibilities. Through our knowledge and expertise we make our client understand whether or not a specific project or venture is feasible.

Surveys & Research:

To grow products, brands and businesses, we offer focused and result oriented marketing research services. For this we adopt an approach and methodology that best suits the clients’ needs which includes Survey Research, Business-to-Business Research, etc.

Benchmark & Socio-Economic Surveys

LR has experienced staff to conduct effective Benchmark and Socio-Economic Surveys. We adopt a methodological approach to conduct socio-economic field surveys to examine how the social and economic factors influence our clients’ business/organization/need. We extend wide range of consultancy services to diversified socio-economic sector.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Transparency, accountability and investor/donor confidence are the key factors for the success of any organization and these can be fostered through successful monitoring and evaluation. We have expertise of analyzing qualitative and quantitative data collected through questionnaires, interviews and focus-group discussions which helps our clients in assessing policy options, cost-saving measures, improved delivery of services, improved management performances, etc.We have a long-standing experience of monitoring and evaluation in developing sector. We take pride in our rigorous performance monitoring and quality assurance procedures that are in line with international standards. We also build capacity of our clients on monitoring and evaluation practices and tools.

Impact Assessment

LR has been involved in various national level surveys. We are proficient in designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative survey in Pakistan. In this regard a specialized team of statistician, database and data processing, thematic experts and report writing experts are on panel to undertake impact assessment studies.

IT Based Solutions

LR is an experienced organization in ERP development and its implementation. We also suggest the organizational changes required to effectively implement ERP/Software and to get maximum benefit out of it. Our IT Solutions provide our clients ability to:

  • Effectively respond to market opportunities and threats.
  • Strengthen relationship with customers/suppliers/partners.
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce cost.

Our business solutions and services include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Information Solutions

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Desk Review and Research

Desk review and research to provide qualitative information and learning from a variety of existing resources. These resources can include internal organizational resources such as HR manuals or policy documents; online resources such as journals, reports and websites; social media resources to assess brand sentiment or commentary; hard copy documentation such as training materials or procedure manuals; government published or public domain information; existing research reports.




Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

The TNA process uses the organization’s objectives and priorities – and the findings from the desk review if available – as a starting point for the design of questionnaires, on-the-job interviews, focus and departmental group inputs, interpretation, analysis, reporting and presentation of recommendations. The TNA covers assessment of current skills and exposure against desired levels, gap analysis, recommended interventions and intervention methodology. Based on the clients’ needs, the TNA can be framed against both tactical as well as long-range views.








Capacity building Trainings

The Legal Researchers is offering series of trainings on capacity building for local non-governmental organizations, firms, institutes, companies, public, private and corporate sector used for training and development or by local NGOs, with resource full content, methodology, organizational governance, strategic planning, project & finances management, legal and human rights as well. 

This is usually carried out in conjunction with standards defined in the TNA and in concert with annual training plans. The trainings are covered via workplace interviews, observations of actual vs. desired outcomes and changes in group behavior or image.

HR Policies and Procedures

This service is ideal for SMEs or NGOs with a need for formulation of HR policies and procedures. Legal Researchers works with the organization to construct an enabling and consistent set of policies within an HR Policies and Procedures Manual. The policies and procedures cover recruitment, job descriptions, salary scales, training and career development, performance management, legal and statutory requirement, wage and leave policy, incentive or bonus schemes, etc.

Salary and Benefits Surveys

The real challenge in salary and benefits surveys is to work with meaningful comparisons. This is because there is significant variation in the terminology and meaning that different organizations attach to designations, grades, job titles etc. Much depends on the size of the organization, the scope and scale of the specific job, the nature and complexity of the position, the size of the team and in some cases the need for specific, specialist skills.




Legal Services

LR offering a wide range of legal services and working with a broad assortment of public and private sector cases and dealt with civil, corporate and constitutional matters at all jurisdiction level. Its services include; 


Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This typically involves project consultants conducting collection and analysis of quantitative data, qualitative analysis including interviews and focus groups, synthesizing the results into meaningful information, production of interim and final project reports and communication with project stakeholders including donors and partners.





Process Improvement

An effective way to establish continual improvement within the organization is to conduct regular process improvements (BPI). LR experts can engage with your team to assess and improve processes across a variety of organizational functions such as people development and training, customer service, supply chain, warehousing and inventory, etc.